With superior quality and performance, the decision to partner with Carrier for building solutions is an easy one. Carrier provides installation services needed for optimal performance.


Carrier commissioning services are performed by our OEM factory-trained experts. Each has access to the latest training, tools and information direct from Carrier engineers. We go through a pre-start-up checklist and provide you with basic onsite operating training to familiarize you with your solution. Plus, once the commission is finished, we provide you with operations and maintenance manuals and collect all necessary customer information to keep you connected with Carrier. Warranty & Extended Warranty


When it comes to maintenance, one company has you completely covered.

Standard Maintenance

Through our standard service offerings, Carrier provides a range of maintenance services to make consistent performance and comfort easy and worry-free. Basic maintenance includes operating inspections, annual preventive maintenance and some diagnostic services.


Infrared camera used for standard maintenance & repair


Prognostic Maintenance

The best strategy for ensuring maximum performance of an HVAC system is to solve issues before they happen. Our expert technicians leverage the latest and best testing tools and technologies to help find, identify and correct minor problems inexpensively, before they lead to more complex and expensive repairs, helping you avoid unexpected issues while controlling energy costs. Services include:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermographic testing
  • Eddy current testing
  • Chiller tube chemical cleaning
  • CoolClean (freestanding online condenser tube cleaner)
  • Indoor air quality testing and analysis

Power quality analyzer used for retrofit and modernization


Remote Monitoring Service

At Carrier, we don’t just talk about enhanced performance and energy efficiency – we let you see it for yourself no matter where you are. Through a variety of remote monitoring and building automation solutions, Carrier gives you access to data on your cooling system via our Carrier RMS Center or directly on your devices, from PCs to web-based phones.


WebCTRL Building Automation System


i-Vu Building Automation System


Repair & Emergency Service

When it comes to heating and cooling, downtime is not an option. Carrier is always ready to respond to your emergency repair needs with factory-trained service technicians and advanced diagnostic equipment. Whether it’s a repair or replacement of broken components, a stand-alone repair or combination with Carrier maintenance services we go to work when you need us, 24/7 – even if your equipment is not made by Carrier.


Carrier Service Staff

Reach an entirely new level of performance without replacing your entire system.

Retrofit & Modernize

As the performance and comfort needs of a building change over time, it’s normal for elements of your HVAC system to become obsolete. With help from the experts at Carrier, however, it may not be necessary to install all new equipment in order to modernize your system and keep pace with new requirements.


Transit Time Flow Meter used for Prognostic Maintenance

In many cases, we can help you avoid large capital expenditures through strategic retrofits and upgrades including:

  • Chiller variable speed drive retrofits
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Controls automation and conversion from pneumatic to direct digital controls
  • Compressor retrofits
  • Heat exchanger tube replacement
  • Plate/frame heat exchanger addition
  • Pump alignments and retrofits
  • Air-handler drive retrofit
“The modernization service provided by Carrier enables safe and reliable system operation, significant improvement of chiller plant operation efficiency, while reducing the air conditioning system operation energy consumption .”

--- Wang Xin, Manager of Engineering Department, Shanghai Qi Jiao Real Estate Management Company, Zhangjiang Division


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